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NameDescriptionLast commit
acid.vegas 2023-06-14
avoidrmasscan with exclusive exclusions2023-11-08
aws_playgroundexperiments in aws with terraform 2023-10-31
bgpresearch & experiments with border gateway protocol 2023-10-21
blackjackirc bot to play blackjack 2019-06-24
boostertwitter bot that builds followers 2023-11-08
cancerbad habits for internet relay chat 2023-09-16
chir.pytwitter bot that earns bitcoin via ppc links 2020-04-10
coinmarketcappython class for the api on coinmarketcap 2023-08-20
czdsICANN Centralized Zone Data Service Tool 2023-11-03
despoofeddeep dive into packet spoofing 2023-10-09
dickservirc bot with many useful commands 2019-06-25
efknockrinternet relay chat beacon 2023-10-12
irccexfantasy cryptocurrency exchange for irc 2023-06-03
jupiterefnet irc botnet2023-09-17
manrspython class for the manrs api 2023-10-18
masscludemasscan exclude generator 2023-09-26
massrdnsdynamic reverse dns lookup with rotating servers 2023-09-21
mdaxfrMass DNS AXFR 2023-11-07
muhstikirc flooding solution 2021-04-04
mzkmusic theory helper 2023-05-19
nsecxNSEC[3] Walking for DNSSEC 2023-11-07
passposix password manager 2023-08-26
pastebinpython wrapper for the pastebin api 2023-08-20
proxytoolscollection of scripts for harvesting & testing proxies 2023-10-20
randomcollection of un-sorted bollocks 2023-10-30
skeletonbot skeleton for irc 2023-10-12
spaggiariirc bot to scan & bruteforce ssh/telnet 2019-06-28
stagitstatic git page generator 2023-11-05
voidbackup of me archlinux setup 2023-11-08
weechatbackup of me weechat setup 2023-10-15
archiveRandom tools & helpful resources for IRC 2023-10-20
internetrelaychat.org 2023-06-22
IRCPinformation gathering tool for irc servers 2023-10-04
asciiblasterdraw irc art in your web browser 2023-09-12
asciimakerdraw ascii art straight from your web browser 2023-06-02
asciipumpermspaint style program to create irc ascii art 2023-06-02
irc2htmlconvert irc ascii art to html 2019-06-25
ircartmassive organized collection of irc art 2023-10-16
scrollirc bot to play ascii art 2023-09-12
anopesupernets anope source code & configuration 2023-06-02
hardfiles 2023-10-01
LibreYprivacy respecting meta search engine 2023-09-25
supernets.org 2023-06-21
toolscollection of tools for supernets sysadmins 2023-09-18
unrealircdsupernets unrealircd source & configuration 2023-10-15