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2024-01-20README vanity1+2-0
2024-01-20LICENSE updated, mirrors updated, minor tweaks4+16-4
2023-12-12Updated golang ekeletn for review1+243-123
2023-11-11Spaces to tabs (cause fuck you) and fixed nickserv line missing f-string1+183-183
2023-10-12Added flood control example, join on invite, code cleanup, README compressed, etc2+78-35
2023-10-04.gitignore added1+1-0
2023-10-04Removed .log file1+0-127
2023-10-04Rename variables colliding2+145-15
2023-10-03errors fixed1+10-9
2023-10-03added glang example1+176-0
2023-10-03Golang example added1+3-2
2023-10-03color example added1+1-1
2023-10-03Simplified, asyncio bot revamped for vortex with commenting8+187-422
2021-05-03Updated to be asyncronous and cleaned up source majorly18+417-992
2020-11-26fixed a few issues3+7-8
2020-11-26fixed a few issues4+22-14
2019-06-28Initial commit13+1022-0