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DateCommit messageFiles+-
2024-02-06Fixed makefiles missing third party module error and cert error1+1-4
2023-10-15Future notice1+6-29
2023-10-11Ban using MemoServ as a nick1+11-1
2023-10-10Added IRCDriven scanner exemption1+1-0
2023-10-01Configs updated for hidden service usage2+48-31
2023-10-01Fixed tor exemption1+11-11
2023-10-01Hidden service changes3+27-216
2023-07-09Moved auto-join into already defined set block for unknown-users1+0-3
2023-07-09the unthinkable.....1+8-5
2023-07-05Do not ban on handshake floods, only kill the connection1+1-2
2023-07-02numerics.h updated and whois details changed7+41-30
2023-06-26Spoofing numerics1+31-30
2023-06-24Added increased flood rates for unknown users1+1-1
2023-06-22Updated flood rates2+5-8
2023-06-21Updated opers.conf cant auto login to oper based soley on NickServ login1+4-4
2023-06-21Fixed mistakes in config1+9-7
2023-06-21Started a hidden service conf file for future onion (SASL/TLS only most likely)3+214-3
2023-06-21MOTD updated with network map1+9-10
2023-06-21MOTD updated with network map1+8-10
2023-06-21MOTD updated with network map1+18-6
2023-06-21Added missing modules (disabled)1+15-7
2023-06-21Non-standard ports opened, re-enabled modules that were disabled, remote conf revamped5+96-109
2023-06-21Updated remote.motd1+2-0
2023-06-21Colors added to rules1+70-41
2023-06-21Added supernets rules ok1+43-0
2023-06-21Simplified ban exemptions1+22-33
2023-06-21Added new badwords1+36-2
2023-06-19Phalanx does not need who privledges1+1-1
2023-06-19Allow localhost more connections1+5-4
2023-06-19phalanx does not need sajoin1+0-1
2023-06-19Updated localhost session limit1+2-2
2023-06-19Added phalanx oper1+19-0
2023-06-12Updated exempts on WebIRC/IRCCloud & opened non-standrd ports for clients3+17-5
2023-06-01Do not send topic change to channel1+2-3
2023-05-30Removed test line1+0-3
2023-05-27Added certbot support4+105-105
2023-05-26Added ircdocs.horse ban exemption1+3-2
2023-05-12Minor changes3+7-6
2023-05-11Added missing semicolons1+5-5
2023-05-11Updated bot operclasses and mate operclass1+15-43
2023-05-09Modified log sources (again)2+2-2
2023-05-09Updated flood logs to channel2+4-4
2023-05-09Disabled geoip by default in Config1+1-1
2023-05-08Log to channel for debug purposes2+9-4
2023-05-07Updated irccloud ip ranges for exemption1+5-10
2023-05-06connthrottle module was disabled for some reason1+2-2
2023-05-05Updated new +F mode profiles1+5-10
2023-05-05Updated to 6.1.0185+18241-6995
2022-11-20fixed broken restrict-commands block1+7-7
2022-11-20commented out modules for 6.0.51+4-4
2022-11-20Fixed oepr autologin to use certfp and removed random e2+2-3
2022-11-20Forgot to define FAKELAG and shortened channel message delay time2+2-2
2022-11-20Updated to 6.0.4106+3369-1290
2022-04-03snomasks required in hub conf1+1-0
2022-04-03Forgot to enable fakelag configurable...1+1-1
2022-04-03Disabled geoip in Config setup1+2-2
2022-04-03Lowered error log size1+1-1
2022-04-03Fixed snomasks.conf (thanks syszopfor the clarification)1+15-0
2022-04-03Updated to 6.0.380+2658-1350
2022-01-15Updated to
2021-06-20Updated confs4+21-29
2021-06-19Updated to
2021-04-18Changed unknown-flood to handshake-flood for 5.0.91+5-2
2021-03-31enabled join extban1+1-1
2021-03-21Updated to 5.0.951+1156-1026
2021-02-13Fixed missing allow block1+3-2
2021-01-16minor changes5+31-47
2021-01-09Fixed history legnth on nicks1+1-1
2021-01-08Updated to 5.0.851+2916-851
2020-11-26Updated to 5.0.728+414-186
2020-07-16Removed sajoin notice (forgot)1+2-2
2020-07-16Updated to 5.0.627+176-99
2020-05-29updated idle time policy1+1-1
2020-05-29updated conf2+9-6
2020-05-29updated to 5.0.571+1323-350
2020-05-13Updated restrict-commands1+6-4
2020-04-21added missing tls.cnf1+1-1
2020-04-20updated to 5.0.41+186-0
2020-04-20updated to 5.0.444+750-523
2020-03-31Locked Cn mode changing1+1-1
2020-03-31Restricting +L usage for non-ops1+1-1
2020-03-31Updated limits1+4-4
2020-03-29Initial commit374+139396-0