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2024-03-18Added documentation on using GNU parallel with MDAXFR2+11-5
2024-03-11Added a preview gif, stripped pointless functions and provider simple ways to do advanced stuff via STDIN7+231-267
2024-03-10POSIX version drastically improved, allows parsing AXFR output files now, improved verbosity, daxfr merged into mdaxfr script.5+177-137
2024-03-09dAXFR script now can read AXFR output logs and perform an AXFR on all unique domains found. Added a weird ICANN AXFR script.2+83-24
2024-03-06now storing AXFR responses in a directory containing the date to track changes in which dns servers allow AXFRs over time6+87-45
2024-01-21Updated mirrors in README and LICENSE for 20242+3-3
2023-11-26Python version updated and debugged3+24-26
2023-11-26Fixed Python version not looking in the output directory for root servers1+15-8
2023-11-24Madness moved to ptrstream repo1+0-19
2023-11-24Added MADNESS experimental script.2+20-1
2023-11-24Fixed formatting on code1+3-1
2023-11-24Added zone retrieval to the POSIX version1+3-0
2023-11-24POSIX version has been debugged and tested. README updated with stats, etc1+3-4
2023-11-24POSIX version has been debugged and tested. README updated with stats, etc1+6-2
2023-11-23Improved checking for successful zone axfrs1+1-1
2023-11-23POSIX script has been debugged and improved. Color support added. Fixed parsing root-zones4+50-38
2023-11-23POSIX version now attempts IPv4 & IPv6, Python & POSIX version now correctly attempts every IP beloging to the nameserver3+25-20
2023-11-07Parse the root tlds from the root nameservers instead, added more ozones3+26-6
2023-11-04Added other zone dumps1+27-0
2023-11-04Code optimization4+27-22
2023-11-01Code cleanup & README cleanup4+106-111
2023-11-01Fixed mistake in root-servers axfr1+1-1
2023-10-31Added support for public suffix list tlds16+0-62
2023-10-31Added support for public suffix list tlds19+92-5
2023-10-30Updated README to include info about the opennic axfr script1+1-1
2023-10-30Added OpenNIC AXFR script1+34-0
2023-10-29Updated todos1+5-0
2023-10-29Check against every ipv4 and ipv6 address now1+28-20
2023-10-29Fixed root nameserver axfr1+1-1
2023-10-29Updated README, posix rewrite3+64-81
2023-10-29Fixing tld nameserver querying1+2-2
2023-10-29Finalized POSIX shell script3+48-17
2023-10-29Finalized code more, README cleaned up2+82-25
2023-10-28Added note about dumping to file1+2-2
2023-10-28Initial commit4+118-0