- NSEC[3] Walking for DNSSEC
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2024-03-18nwalk script for NSEC crawling complete, optimized to pipe in from the stdin, documentation updated10+96-254
2024-03-18updated nsec walker1+171-0
2024-01-21Updated mirrors and LICENSE5+58-11
2023-11-15Added reference to strange bind issue missing lowercase w1+1-1
2023-11-14Added full dnssec data for all tlds and started improving nsec/nsec3 walks6+1486-11
2023-11-07Pull the root tlds from a root nameserver instead1+8-2
2023-11-05Added RFC reference to README1+3-0
2023-11-05Updated README with some statistics1+5-1
2023-11-05Initial commit4+139-0