- dynamic reverse dns lookup with rotating servers
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2023-09-21IP addresses were being looked up more than once2+9-2
2023-09-21Was showing the dns server used instead of the target IP...2+2-2
2023-09-21Updated with -errors argument information1+1-0
2023-09-21Made output aligned better1+1-1
2023-09-21Made error displaying optional, fixing cidr splitting (again)2+25-15
2023-09-21Formatting vanity stuff1+3-1
2023-09-21Improvements in the code, better error handling with dns server failures, fixed issue where a lookup would be skipped on DNS server failure, etc2+100-29
2023-09-21Update README.md1+6-0
2023-09-21Update README.md1+7-4
2023-09-21Initial commit3+258-2
2023-09-21Initial commit1+2-0