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2024-03-06Defined output directory to a variable and created a systemd timer and cronjob script in extras for collecting czds data monthly4+27-6
2024-03-06Added statistics generation script for zone file stats3+21-2
2024-03-06Updated both Python and POSIX version for minor improvements and code structure. Both files will now download a stats report from ICANN prior to downloading zones.3+146-86
2024-02-15Fixed posix script and added stats2+10-12
2024-01-31Added stats CSV from ICANN account, included official documentation reference.4+1167-15
2024-01-20Updated mirrors in README, LICENSE updated for 20243+5-6
2024-01-18Updated stats in README and fixed CZDS shell script to save the correct file type as a gunzip archive2+9-5
2024-01-03Updated zone stats in README, updated code to be more verbose3+105-102
2023-12-13Updated README with statistics & renamed to (oop)3+111-107
2023-11-03Added more zone information1+1-1
2023-11-03Added logging1+6-5
2023-11-03Added more info on zones1+1-1
2023-11-03Added props and notices1+5-0
2023-11-03Initial commit4+210-0