- posix password manager
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2024-01-20Mirrors updated to add codeberg, LICENSE updated for 20243+5-6
2023-12-24Added Termux support (no /dev/shm on termux) and Smartcard support2+20-1
2023-08-26Ignoring .gpg in output for base directory aswell1+1-1
2023-08-26Fixed pass menu not allowing directory traversing1+3-4
2023-08-26mktemp with -d causes errors on other distros, just making a temp file instead of directory instead (removing -d)1+2-3
2023-08-03Updated mirrors and command checking2+17-20
2023-06-13Added insecure fallback to /tmp when /dev/shm does not exist1+8-4
2023-05-13Initial commit3+213-0