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2024-01-03Indent fixed and play function fixed1+34-34
2024-01-03Fixed character decoding (reported by ab3800, cheers)1+34-29
2023-09-12Updated mirrors (fuck sourcehut), added .ascii random <query> feature, wrongly named variable is .ascii play fixed, etc3+33-47
2023-06-30Forgot to define dir1+1-1
2023-06-30Bug fixes1+12-26
2023-06-30Updated img2irc to use OpenCV instead of Pillow, random functions use a better seed for better randomization output, .ascii img moved into play function, etc1+0-0
2023-06-30Updated img2irc to use OpenCV instead of Pillow, random functions use a better seed for better randomization output, .ascii img moved into play function, etc4+135-135
2023-06-28Forgot to include .ascii search in README1+1-1
2023-06-28Forgot to include .ascii search in README1+1-0
2023-06-28Fixed typo birghtness to brightness1+1-1
2023-06-28Added a TODO section in the README for future ideas & improvements1+11-0
2023-06-28Updated comment next to admin variable explaining wildcards and format requirements1+1-1
2023-06-28Fixed settings alignment in .ascii settings output1+1-1
2023-06-28Code cleanup2+21-6
2023-06-28Added blur and smooth effects2+22-18
2023-06-28Fully implemented contrast, brightness, & effects for .ascii img3+30-19
2023-06-28Added invert color effect1+6-4
2023-06-28Updated README settings1+12-11
2023-06-28Added greyscale/blackwhite effects to img2irc (not implemented into scroll yet)1+5-1
2023-06-28Added contrast enhancement option2+7-5
2023-06-28Typo rbg to rgb fixed2+2-2
2023-06-28img2irc not awaited for now while in beta. default palette changed to RBG992+3-3
2023-06-28Added missing alert on settings change and fixed missing palette argument2+2-1
2023-06-28Added missing comma in palettes1+1-1
2023-06-28Added RBG88 color palette and option to change palette on the fly with .ascii settings2+40-26
2023-06-28Forgot to initialize an fstring1+2-3
2023-06-26Removed __pycache__ dir1+0-0
2023-06-26img2irc improvements (props wrk) and fixed img_width3+49-42
2023-06-26Wrong links in mirrors on README1+1-1
2023-06-26Added another preview shot showcasing .ascii img3+3-1
2023-06-26Check line legnth on .ascii img to prevent large image conversions outside of #scroll1+6-3
2023-06-26Added experimental notice for .ascii img1+1-1
2023-06-26Added timeouts and headers to urllib.requests1+12-5
2023-06-26Added error handling for .ascii img command1+10-6
2023-06-26Added props to malcom for img2irc aswell1+3-2
2023-06-26Added shoutouts to wrk + pull request link1+7-1
2023-06-26Added .ascii img <url> command to image to IRC art conversion3+148-20
2023-06-25Show how many lines an ASCII that is too big for outside of #scroll is1+1-1
2023-06-25Fixed socket timeout1+1-1
2023-06-25sendmsg to irc_error fix1+1-1
2023-06-25Fixed ljust placement1+1-1
2023-06-25Fixed line stripping1+2-3
2023-06-25Added admin, settings viewing & changing, code cleanup, README updated2+81-37
2023-06-07Finally fixed character encoding issue not playing files with UTF-16 & other encodings1+5-1
2023-06-07Added .ascii play <url> command to play art off of Pastebin2+23-13
2023-06-07Sync database message was only sending to the config channel and not #scroll1+1-1
2023-06-07Fixed database syncing from not parsing the correct tree sha1+6-3
2023-06-05Fixed incorrect path when playing art from the root directory1+2-1
2023-06-05Silly additions1+3-1
2023-06-05help.txt note1+2-0
2023-06-05Fixed typo in nickname1+1-1
2023-06-05Improved database systen using github api, no more .list file needed2+43-51
2023-06-03Added .ascii sync command to pull the latest art files2+4-0
2023-06-03ascii stopper improved1+4-3
2023-06-02Forgot to change @cancer to @scroll when forking this1+2-2
2023-06-02Fixed handling missing files1+2-1
2023-06-02Added preview1+4-2
2023-06-02Added preview1+2-0
2023-06-02Initial commit4+328-0