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DateCommit messageFiles+-
2024-02-19VPS installer improved, non-interactive changes made3+85-74
2024-02-16Fixing swap issue1+2-2
2024-02-16Fixed swap szie1+2-1
2024-02-16Fixed (somehow)1+1-1
2024-02-16FUCKING SHIT1+27-22
2024-02-16Debugging stupid issue with 'su' command throwing a bad address1+21-26
2024-02-14Updated swap size2+12-3
2024-02-13Fixed setting DNS in rc.local1+2-2
2024-02-13Added -K0 0 to dropbear config for void VPS installer2+2-2
2024-02-13Added setup_user functionality1+3-2
2024-02-13Fixed dropbear SSH_PORT not being rendered1+1-1
2024-02-13Fixed symlinks for services (again) since system isnt running during install we dont use /var/service1+3-3
2024-02-13Fixed service symlinks1+6-6
2024-02-13termux to tmux typo lol1+3-1
2024-02-13Updated VPS installer to drop DHCP and generate routes during install2+47-6
2024-02-13Fixed partition label for VPS installer1+3-3
2024-02-13Removed xbps-install -su from root install (not needed)1+1-1
2024-02-12Added VPS installer, updated recon scripts with some BGP fun, etc4+64-2
2024-02-09Added session list key to tmux, added recon alias for bgp streaming, and more. New packages added to setup4+12-5
2024-01-20Updated alacritty config yml to toml, added new bash function scene for ansi art, updated dbc script for personal use, etc6+135-135
2024-01-08Added irc-post-commit-hook and fixed/updated dbc script4+86-37
2023-12-27Fixed shotz (hardfiles endpoint no longer needs /upload, just the baseurl)1+2-3
2023-12-27Removed slstatus and replaced with a simple xsetroot loop for the date and time5+7-20
2023-12-27Replaced st/tabbed with alacritty/tmux, added dbc tool for emulating .ssh/config for dropbear13+194-772
2023-12-02Updated xrandr for dual monitor example1+3-1
2023-12-02Removed shopt from .bashrc1+0-2
2023-12-02Added useradd into setup script1+2-0
2023-12-02Check for zpool label before attempting to wipe the label1+5-3
2023-12-02Added zpool label wiping on setup1+1-0
2023-11-28Added lsblk notice1+1-1
2023-11-28Updated scripts10+333-508
2023-11-20Initial commit35+2174-0