- distributed denial of service (ddos) monitor
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DDoS Monit


This Packet Analysis Tool is designed to capture and analyze network packets in real-time. It provides detailed insights into the traffic flowing through a network interface, including information about protocols, IP addresses, port numbers, packet length, Time-To-Live (TTL), window size, and checksum validation. This tool is particularly useful for network debugging, security analysis, and traffic monitoring.


  • Real-time packet capturing on specified network interfaces.
  • Supports analysis of TCP, UDP, and ICMP protocols.
  • Displays packet details such as source/destination IP, source/destination port, packet length, and TTL.
  • Identifies and displays printable payloads in network traffic.
  • JSON packet logs for deep analysis.


Argument Description
-d Specify the network device to monitor (e.g., eth0).
-c Set the packets-per-second threshold for logging.
-x Provide a comma-separated list of IPs and ports to exclude.
-i Provide a comma-separated list of IPs and ports to include.

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