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Anope is an open source set of IRC Services. It is highly modular, with a vast number of configurable parameters, and is the most used IRC services package. There are also many modules on the modsite to add additional features. It runs on Linux, BSD, and Windows, and supports many modern IRCds, including InspIRCd, UnrealIRCd, and ircd-hybrid. For more details, credits, command line options, and contact information see docs/README.



Download the latest release off of the releases page.

$ ./Config
$ cd build
$ make
$ make install

Now change to the directory where you installed Anope to, e.g. $ cd ~/services/


Download the latest release off of the releases page and run the installer.


Copy conf/example.conf to conf/services.conf

$ cp conf/example.conf conf/services.conf

Edit services.conf, configuring the uplink, serverinfo, and protocol module configurations. Example link blocks for popular IRCds are included in the the example.conf documentation. The Anope wiki is also a good source of information. Our support channel is located at #anope on

Note that the example configuration file includes other example configuration files. If you want to modify the other example configuration files, copy them (e.g. modules.example.conf to modules.conf) and modify the include directive in services.conf to include the new file.


Run $ ./bin/services to start Anope. If asked to provide logs for support, use the --support flag, e.g.: $ ./bin/services --support

Installing extra modules

Extra modules, which are usually modules which require extra libraries to use, such as m_mysql, can be enabled with the ./extras command from the source directory. Then re-run Config, make and make install again. Third party modules can be installed by placing them into the modules/third directory.