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acid.vegashttps://acid.vegas/acidvegas2018-06-08 15:22
anopebackup of the supernets anope servicesupernets2018-06-07 22:33
archlinuxarmbackup of me arch linux arm setupacidvegas2018-06-08 15:26
asciimakerdraw irc ascii art straight from your web browserircart2018-06-08 15:28
asciipumperms paint style program to draw irc artircart2018-06-08 15:34
badparentirc pm flooderacidvegas2018-06-08 15:42
blackjackirc blackjack botacidvegas2018-06-08 15:43
boostertwitter bot that builds followers and postsacidvegas2018-06-08 15:48
btcepython class for the public/trade api on btc-e.compumpcoin2018-06-07 22:34
chir.pytwitter bot that builds followers, news posts, and bitcoins via ppc linksacidvegas2018-06-07 22:23
cmcirc bot to query the api on coinmarketcap.com for cryptocurrency prices & data pumpcoin2018-06-07 22:35
deploy-toolscollection of supernets sysadmin scripts to deploy servicessupernets2018-06-07 22:33
dickservirc bot with many useful commands & featuresacidvegas2018-06-07 22:22
efknockrirc bot to mass flood a large number of networks & channelsacidvegas2018-06-08 15:16
gitolite-admingitolite admin repositoryacidvegas2018-06-07 17:55
iexirc bot to query the api on iextrading.com for stock prices & datapumpcoin2018-06-07 22:35
irc2htmlconvert irc ascii art to htmlircart2018-06-07 22:29
ircartmassive collection of organized irc ascii artircart2018-06-07 22:30
irccexfantasy cryptocurrency exchange for the internet relay chat (irc) protocolpumpcoin2018-06-07 22:35
ircirc bot skeleton (simple)acidvegas2018-06-07 22:22
ircpaintms paint style program to draw irc ascii artircart2018-06-07 22:29
ircsa services bot for the internet relay chat (irc) protocolacidvegas2018-06-07 22:22
irssibackup of my irssi setupacidvegas2018-06-07 22:22
jupiterirc botnet to control a massive amount of clientsacidvegas2018-06-07 22:21
limitservirc service bot to automatically voice and set channel limitsacidvegas2018-06-07 22:21
mkchrootcreate ssh jail chrootsacidvegas2018-06-07 22:21
muhstikmassive unwanted homosexual shitstorm targeting irc k acidvegas2018-06-07 22:39
pastebinpython class for the api on pastebin.comacidvegas2018-06-07 22:20
poloniexpython class for the public/trade api on poloniex.compumpcoin2018-06-07 22:35
proxytoolscollection of scripts for testing, harvesting, & working with proxiesacidvegas2018-06-07 22:20
randomcollection of un-sorted bollocksacidvegas2018-06-07 22:19
scrollirc bot to play ascii art ircart2018-06-07 22:30
skeletonirc bot skeleton (advanced)acidvegas2018-06-07 22:16
spaggiariirc bot to scan and bruteforce sshacidvegas2018-06-07 22:15
supernets.orghttps://supernets.org/supernets2018-06-07 22:40
surgeirc clone flooderacidvegas2018-06-08 16:26
unrealircdbackup of the supernets unrealircd servicesupernets2018-06-07 22:34
weechatbackup of me weechat setupacidvegas2018-06-08 16:11